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At Renovax Roofing Company, we are one of the best roofing companies in the Chicagoland area to provide provide roofing installation, repairs and maintenance so that your home is always protected from water, humidity and weather. We have affordable solutions for a quality roof that lasts for decades. Keep your house safe with the help of the best roofing contractors in Chicago. Our services include professional roof installation tailored to your needs. The quality of our meticulous work can save you from future issues and expensive roof repair. We have an extensive catalog of shingles to match every style and color of your preference. We want to help you make the best-informed decisions when it comes to the safety of your roof so that you can feel happy and protected in your home. Our job is backed up by a warranty program to ensure we deliver a solid, high-quality roof. Call us today and find out the best solution for your roof.


What Roofing Services We Offer?

Roof Installation

The best company for roof installation in Chicago is Renovax Roofing Company. We have the skills and expertise to comply with all standards and we are trained in the best roof installation techniques. We are the most trustworthy when it comes to estimates, delivery on deadlines and customer satisfaction 

Roof Repair

We have expert roofing contractors committed to keeping your roof safe, and delivering the best customer experience in roof repair. Regardless of the proportions of your project, we provide the top roof repair solutions at affordable prices. Contact our experts today and schedule your on-site inspection. 

Roof Replacement

We know a roof replacement project can be tough, and you might not be looking forward to it. Fortunately, with the quality of our service, you won’t have to do it over again. We are the top option for roof replacement Chicago locals select to accurately inspect the structure, identify issues, and determine if roof replacement is needed. 

Roof Maintenance

Renovax Roofing Company offers a program for roof maintenance in order for roofs to stay solid for years. With our periodic inspections, we can prevent issues like leaks and damage from weather. Trust our professional roofers and avoid extended damage that could require a future costly repair. 

  • We Listen
  • We follow regulations
  • We give the best value for money
  • Customer needs are the driving force of our company. We listen to your needs and pay attention to the smallest details to give you the perfect windows installation Chicago service. Our windows contractors Chicago trained are all highly experienced and experts in window repairs and installation.

  • We comply with all of the building codexes. Your property will meet all laws and safety regulations when we finish.

  • At Renovax our great relationships with our vendors mean we pass our savings down to you so that you get the best workmanship and experienced labor at low, affordable prices.

Choose Your Style

Types Of Roof We Install


FLAT ROOF A common style among commercial and multilevel establishments is flat roofing. Renovax Roofing Company has the expertise for a proper flat roof installation. We offer superior benefits such as quick installation, power efficiency and practical maintenance.

  • Quick Installation
  • Superior Energy-Efficiency
  • Easy Maintenance

METAL ROOFING Metal is a solid snow and rain repellent structure that can resist fire and strong wind. It has a lifespan of 60 years. A metal roof installation can be done quickly without emptying your pockets. Besides durability, other benefits you’ll get are a lightweight eco-friendly roof. 

  • Longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Environmentally Friendly

RUBBER ROOFING Rubber constitutes the best option for a natural style. It’s the option for roof installation Victorians’ house owners prefer because it can be cut with a knife to match complex designs. We also recommend it when looking for longer durability, simple installation and saving money.

  • Enhanced Durability
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost-Effective

SLATE ROOFING One of the longest-lasting materials that can last up to 100 years with the best roof maintenance offered by Renovax Roofing Company. It’s waterproof and resistant to burns, mold and fungus. Additionally, it doesn’t require complex maintenance or fixtures.  

  • Completely fire-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Long Lifespan

SHINGLE ROOFING Shingles are regular pieces made out of materials like asphalt or composite.They are placed overlapped along the roof from the base, to ensure the entire roof is covered. We offer the shingles roof installation with our wide style options for impact-rated shingles.

  • Versatility
  • Many Color Options
  • Impact-Rated

CEDAR ROOFING This affordable option can last 10 years more than a regular material like asphalt. The installation should be performed only by the best roofing companies. With our cedar roofing, you’ll get exceptional insulation, increase the value of your house and an improved style.

  • Incredible Insulation
  • Resale Possibilities
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

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Frequently asked questions

Have Any Questions About Roof Installation & Replacement?

How Long Does It Take To Do Roof Replacement?

Roof replacement can take anything from 1 day to 3 weeks, depending on the roof, size, weather and accessibility to the roof. A standard roof of average size (3000sq ft or less), can be replaced in a single day, although if the roof is very complex or there are problems, a replacement can take up to a week. Larger homes take longer to replace.

When Is The Best Time For Roof Replacement?

Don't wait until your roof has serious problems, or it needs extensive roofing repair. Expert roofing contractors advise that roof replacement should happen when your roof reaches approx 85% of its specified lifespan. Regular roof maintenance will detect when your roof needs replacing.

Should I Replace My Roof Or It Can Be Repaired?

Whether you need roof repair, or it needs replacing completely, depends upon the damage it has and how extensive it is. The age of the roof also plays a factor in whether or not your roof should be repaired. If your roof is at the end of its life, it makes sense economically, for roof replacement, rather than wasting money on the needless repair.

How Should I Choose The Type Of Roof?

You need to take certain factors into consideration when choosing a new roof, the materials, a style that complements your house, its life span and of course your budget.


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