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About Renovax ROOFING

The Importance Of Roof Replacement in Chicago, Illinois

The role of your roof is to protect you and your home from the elements, it acts as a barrier against snow, ice, hail, rain and strong winds. One of the worst enemies to your home is water. If water gets into your home it will damage your ceilings, walls, floors, all your furniture and personal belongings and under extreme circumstances, it will affect the actual foundations of your home and your house could collapse. Therefore, if your roof develops a leak, or some other minor damage, or large problems necessitating roof replacement, it is crucial to call in roofing contractors. We are a professional, reputable roofing company, with expert roofing services. Call us at Renovax Roof Replacement, our expert roofers in Chicago will make sure your roof is in top shape and that you are safe and protected inside your home.

Roof Replacement Chicago, IL - What You Need to Know

Shingle roof installation Chicago

There are Ways to Save Money

You are allowed to have two layers of asphalt shingles. So if there is a layer now, you can have the new layer installer on top to save you money. However, having this will prevent the roofer from inspecting and repairing the decking and flashing underneath.

Top-Quality Products Pay Off at the End

Roof replacement or roof installation is a significant investment. Make sure to invest in high-quality materials to save on frequent roof repairs and premature replacement.

Paperwork is Important

Before proceeding with your roof installation, check for the paperwork, warranties, special conditions, and other things outlined in the contract to prevent future problems.

Stay Flexible but Firm

Some factors like weather, types of materials, and date of deliveries can affect the timeframe and scope of your job. Stay flexible but ensure that your roofing contractor is on hand with the deal you made. Call Renovax Roof Replacement Chicago for all of your roofing needs.