About Renovax Roof Installation

What Exactly Is Roof Installation Chicago, IL

Your roof is a vital part of your home and has an essential role to play. Unfortunately, out of sight is out of mind for many Chicago homeowners, because the roof is out of your sight it tends to get forgotten and neglected. Chicago Homeowners need to realize the importance of their roofs, not only does it defend your home against the weather but if it is not maintained properly the consequence is big problems and very expensive bills! Your roof is an investment and with regular maintenance will last for decades. At some point due to age, or damage, your roof may need roof repair services or roof replacement. It is important to live a professional roofing company Chicago based. Renovax Roofing Company will be able to repair, replace or install a new roof to your property. Whether you're looking at shingle roofing repairs, flat roofing repairs or even metal roofing repairs. A professional roofing company will meet all your roofing needs.


Roof Installation Chicago, IL - Process


Choice of Materials

Your roofing company in Chicago can help you select the roofing materials.


The Setup

Clear the driveway of vehicles, tarp the landscaping, and put garbage bins as close to your home as you can for the roofing contractors.


Removal of Old Roofing Material

A roof installation in Chicago begins with removing the old roof.


Inspecting the Roof

With the old roofing cleared, the roofing contractors can examine the sheathing.


Removal of Flashing

Flashing is installed over the roof joints to avoid leaks.


Getting the Drip Edge On

Your roofing contractors in Chicago will put the metal drip edge in place along the bottom edge of the roof on top of the ice and water barrier, nailing it in place.


Laying the Underlayment

Underlayment is important for the longevity of a roof. It captures and sheds the water to keep the sheathing and framing below from getting wet and rotting.


New Roof Installation

For a new roof replacement in Chicago, starter shingles go on the bottom and the sides. They are staggered up the roof to prevent water from leaking in.


The Cleanup

Any debris found is removed by the roofing contractors in Chicago before a final inspection to ensure the roof installation was handled properly.